Brianne L. Croteau
CEO & Lead Consultant

With over 15 years experience developing the strategic planning, production and marketing of high-level special events, Brianne has a wealth of first-hand knowledge of how to connect, engage and deliver value to an audience. 


She has traveled across the country producing top-tier higher education, development and campaign events, produced flagship non-profit fundraising galas and built key relationships, working with the top venues and vendors in all major U.S. cities and abroad. 


As an independent consultant, Brianne works with clients to determine their market value and key audience(s) in order to provide targeted development, branding and outreach solutions. She's created successful strategic plans, marketing platforms and branding concepts for non-profits, event venues and small businesses and also offers personal and professional brand marketing services focused on empowering the individual to maximize and leverage their natural advantages.

Brianne's events have won both industry- and peer-recognized awards and she is a frequent lecturer and conference speaker. She has guest lectured on sustainable entrepreneurship for the Bucknell University College of Management and presents on strategic planning, organizational development and personal branding.  

Brianne is a Featured Contributor for the Huffington Post and serves as both a Bucknell Innovation Fellow and a Diversity Advocate. She is a founding member and resident artist at The Arts Underground studio where also she teaches classes and her creative design and branding work can be found on non-profit and small business sites from Washington, D.C. to Lewisburg, PA.






“I had the pleasure of working with Brianne Croteau early on in the planning and development stages of our conversion of a 92,000 sq. ft. existing warehouse space into a state-of-the art recreation and wellness center.  Her input with respect to how we should prepare our facility to accommodate large events was invaluable.  We were able to make the necessary changes to our design and infrastructure to give us the more flexibility to host community events of all sizes. I highly recommend Brianne to anyone who is in need of assistance with the logistics of event planning."


Beth Miller

Board Member

The Miller Center for Recreation and Wellness 

"I highly recommend Brianne for strategic planning and consulting. Brianne helped Iron Front in its early stages to target low impact, high volume meeting and event space rental clients. Brianne is really able to listen to your story before recommending solutions. If you are looking for creative advice on how to grow your business smarter and bigger, then I would give her a call. Iron Front is doing about 20 events/month right now and that number is steadily growing each month. "

Mike Matukaitis

Owner & CEO 

Iron Front Cowork

"Brianne was a great resource for our non-profit as we began building our business plan. She was open and easily accessible to review and edit documents in a timely manner. She had expert input and advice which helped us to advance our business plan and generated new ways of thinking. We look forward to partnering with Brianne in the future as we continue on with our business venture."


Angie Brouse


The Scratching Post Lewisburg Cat Cafe & Cherished Cats Rescue Alliance



"Brianne listened to the story of our business and asked us what our products meant to us and our community.  Brianne then designed our logo, menus and promotional materials that reflected the core values and vision of our bakery.  Everything has a cohesive design and our look and style is easily recognized by our customers, both current and future!"

Emily Heuer
Salty & Baked

"Working with Bri has been a pleasure.  She put me in contact with comparable venues so that we could get the information we needed to create a solid vision for hosting events in our space and jump-start our project into action.  I can't thank-her enough for the positive leadership and experience she has brought to our project."

Meghan Beck

Council-Member, The Albright Center

Sunbury's Revitalization, Inc.

“We’ve been working with Brianne since 2012. Brianne is a wonderful partner – she is comprehensive and detail-oriented in her approach, and always collaborative.
Her incredible professionalism is combined with the trust and warmth that comes from excellent relationship building."

Mark Terranova

Managing Director, Client Relationships


"What makes us uniquely fascinating to others? How does knowing our natural strengths and how to​ maximize ​them create an advantage for success?  Brianne knows the importance of ​asking ​the ​right ​ questions​ - and can guide you to the answers that are specifically right for you​. Working with her ​to enhance your personal brand will also cultivate your ability to lead​ with​ excellence​ and confidence.  

Brianne knows the science and the marketing behind ​identifying and expanding your highest value and becoming more of what already makes you most ​fascinating and ​engaging to others. ​Both individuals and organizations will ​benefit from Brianne's mindful and targeted approach."

Peggy Grande

Author of "The President Will See You Now", Keynote Speaker, Certified Fascination Assessment Consultant, and former Executive Assistant to President Ronald Reagan

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