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Who We Are
        In a world over-saturated with options, how do you stand out?        


Understand your own unique advantage – then harness, activate, and sell that value to others

We are proven strategists who nimbly and effectively get to the core of your value.  By applying over 15 years experience in authentic branding, creative design, and persuasive communication, we deliver results that spotlight your unique competitive advantage and help you connect and engage with your audience.

As consultants, we work with clients to determine their market value and provide targeted development strategies, branding, and outreach solutions. Creative and dedicated, we are driven to help others realize their fullest potential. 

As brand specialists, we narrow in on the inherent traits and advantages which makes your personal or professional brand most naturally intriguing and impactful to others.  We uncover your competitive edge and provide a clear plan of action to communicate your value while generating brand interest, streamlining your efforts, and enhancing your return. 

The Result:

Smart, thoughtful, resource-based solutions that maximize your current investments, creatively working to leverage who you are, what you know, and that which makes you uniquely interesting to others.  Clear, consistent, and concise, your brand becomes your greatest strength.

Croteau Creative Strategies applies bold vision, creative approaches, and smart strategies to uncover and transform your current advantages into new and sustainable opportunities for growth and advancement.



What We Do
Strategic Empowerment


Value Mapping

We begin with a deep dive into understanding your unique core value as brand—how the sum of your identity, services, communication, connections, and reputation translates into authentic value.  Next, learn how to maximize your impact and return with customers and your community.

Competency Mapping

Knowing how your clients, customers, and community perceive your brand is critical to maximizing your success.
Once your core value is defined, it can be strategically leveraged against how the world values you to capitalize on your brand authenticity and align it with your mission, objectives and goals.

Network Mapping

By auditing your critical network of "who you are, what you know, and whom you know", we design a comprehensive blueprint to identify new and potential opportunities for smart partnerships, creative collaborations, networking, and cross-marketing to increase awareness, traffic, customer retention, and overall sales.


Pesonalized Consulting
Open For Business
Business & Organizations

We work to uncover your unique value, identify your core challenges for advancement, and build a focused, resource-based plan to leverage your strengths, competencies, and brand to move beyond development barriers.  

Further leverage your existing brand through the use smart design, persuasive messaging, and strategic use of social media.

College Student
College Prep 
for Students 

One-on-one in-depth sessions for students looking to find their authentic voice and successfully and confidently harness their perspective within the
college application process.

 We work with each student to uncover what makes them uniquely interesting and draw out their own natural strengths, passions, and inherent value into a  compelling personal essay that is persuasive, honest, and memorable.

Personal & Professional

Geared towards both the burgeoning and established professional, we help you uncover - or become reenergized by - your own unique worth and impact.   

Focusing on your special brand as the sum of your natural strengths, experience, values, skills, personality, and reputation, we design and elevate your pitch, creating an authentic and persuasive personal statement for LinkedIn, cover letters, grant proposals, and other


Branding & Design
Brand Development

We help you discover, understand and embrace your brand identity (and it's value), highlighting your natural strengths and leveraging your reputation, resources, competencies, and connections to gain momentum and maximize impact on your audience and/or
niche markets.  

Aesthetic Imperative

Businesses face an aesthetic imperative in which comprehensive style has become a critical source of product identity and
economic value.  

We work with you to carefully design your brand's key
touch-points to enhance the quality of everything the customer experiences and build an environment that is consistent and on-message.

Logo & Design

We guide you through the steps to developing a successful and impactful logo/brand,
Versatility, & 

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