In a world over-saturated with options, how do you stand out?        

By first understanding your own unique potential – then learning to harness, empower and sell that potential to others.

We are proven strategists who nimbly and effectively get to the core of your value.  By applying over a decade of experience in tactical logistics, branding, creative design and persuasive communication, we deliver results that are at once strategic, innovative, efficient, and fiscally-conservative.

With a history producing engaging and impactful programs and special events, our experts advise businesses, organizations, event planners and venue owners on how best to utilize their current resources to tap into new markets and generate maximum revenue with minimum overhead.  As brand specialists, we narrow in on the inherent traits and advantages which makes you most intriguing to others.  We analyze your market edge to provide a clear action plan that communicates your value while generating audience interest and maintaining revenue momentum.


Our team works to uncover your company's best angle and application for success. We identify your potential audiences and develop a comprehensive, step-by-step plan to market and engage each unique group in the most effective way, creating a streamlined, profitable, and consistent business plan across all platforms.

Some of the services we provide:

  • Identifying and engaging a variety of specific client markets that are ideal fits for space rentals

  • Conducting market value/comp research for rental and event package bench-marking

  • Strategic plan development to outline goals of space rental/use, establish audience tiers (from high-volume/low-impact use to
    low-vol/high-impact buy-outs) and creating step-by-step action plans to identify, uniquely market to and engage each audience as a potential revenue stream


  • Determining ways to streamline current procedures, marketing efforts and in-house staffing to create efficiencies and increase productivity

  • Identifying potential "preferred vendor" partners, emphasizing local relationships, to offer catering, bar, photography, linen, floral and other related options as a vetted "one-stop-shop" list for clients

  • Consulting on service packages to offer comprehensive and competitive pricing for meeting and event packages and a la carte rental use

  • Drafting rental and related FAQ to offer clear guidelines, expectations and responsibilities for clients interested in renting/utilizing your space

  • Strategize, design and implement development of future projects and new space to maximize brand and community impact

The Result:

Smart, thoughtful, resource-based solutions that maximize your current investment, creatively working to do more and be more – without unnecessary effort and expense.  Croteau Creative Strategies applies bold vision and smart strategies to uncover and transform your current advantages into new opportunities for growth and advancement.





Strategic Plan

Conduct analysis and provide detailed framework to set priorities, focus energy and resources, strengthen operations, and ensure that employees and other stakeholders are working toward common goals

Business Plan

Leveraging your organization's key strengths and advantages, we build your executive summary, providing a detailed outline of your business profile, mission, objective and goal(s)

Marketing Plan

Design a comprehensive communications blueprint to identify who your audiences/target customers are, how you will reach them and how you will retain their business to streamline and automate revenue streams. 


Custom Consultation

We work to uncover your value, identify your core challenges for advancement and build a focused, solution-based plan to leverage your strengths and move beyond development barriers.  

Data Analytics

Provide research-based data and comp-based recommendations on venue development, rental rate structure, facility use & multipurpose rental opportunities.  
Offer data-supported proposals for unique event design and demographic-based
brand marketing to support and enhance your market value. 

Business Management 

Deliver sustainable, innovative solutions on how to do more for less.  Provide a targeted, fiscally-prudent plan to outline  key organizational and facility needs, build upon your in-house resources, and leverage your current infrastructure for multi-purpose success. 


Brand Development

We help you discover, understand and embrace your brand identity (and it's value), highlighting your natural strengths and leveraging current resources to maximize impact on your audience and/or
niche markets

Aesthetic Imperative

Businesses face an aesthetic imperative in which style has become a critical source of product identity and economic value.  We work with you to carefully design your brand or venue's key touch-points
(in layout, artwork, music, aromas and surfaces) to enhance the quality of everything the customers see, touch, hear, smell, or taste and build an environment that is consistent and on-message

Logo & Design

Guide you through the steps to developing a successful and impactful logo/brand, including: 
Versatility, & 


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